Setting up indoor navigation

This tutorial covers the basics of indoor navigation on the platform. See the following parts for more details on each tool.

1. Explanation of the tools

Head over to the “Wayfinding” in the left-hand menu. A view opens, zooming to the Place you have created.

Points include the following elements:

  • Points of Interest
  • Elevator, escalator or staircase
  • Door
  • Entrance
  • Ticket gate
  • Hazard
  • Point of decision
  • Landmark

2. Recommended process

1. Add elevators and other level changers. The very first item that is recommended to add are elevators. That allows you to do one last check that your floors are correctly aligned. See more about level changers in this article.

2. Add the main Points of Interests. As the next step, it is recommended to add most of your Points of Interests. This allows you to get a better insight on what are the locations that visitors need to be able to reach at your venue. Don't worry about adding the details and correct icons just yet. See more about Points of Interests here.

3. Add paths. Now that you have a better insight in the venue, add the routes in the indoor and outdoor areas of you venue. See more details on adding paths here.

4. Test. When you reach this stage, it's definitely recommended to test with the application how your setup works.

5. Add segments, accessibility information and the rest of the missing details.

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