Stairs, elevators & escalators

Adding level changers

Stairs, elevators and escalators are all commonly called level-changers. They are very simple to add. Use the Point tool to add a POI at the correct location, and then define it as Type: Staircase/Elevator/Escalator per your need

Level changer also have an additional attribute - Floors. That allows you to specify which floors in the building can be accessed with the same level changer. If e.g. an elevator does not stop at floor 2, simply unselect that floor. The editor only shows you the floors that you have added under your account as options. So if a floor is not available for selection, make sure to add it first under "Locations".

Grouping level changers

Elevators are typically easy to setup, as they go through the building in a straight line. Often with escalators and staircases you will encounter a difficulty: the starting and ending point are not exactly the same, as in this example:

For that purpose, you can use the grouping functionality. Instead of adding one staircase that goes through both floors, you would be adding a separate icon for each floor at the correct location:

Once you have added the staircases, you would use the "Group" field in the editor to mark that these staircases belong together. Use the field to give your staircase group a unique identification. You can start from 1 and go up from there for your other staircases in the building. Use the same group number for all the staircases across different floors that link to each other.

Unidirectional escalators

With escalators you will also have an additional configuration - direction. This allows you to specify which direction the escalator is going to. If the Up and down escalators are next to each other, in order of simplicity, it's easiest to use the default "both" option.

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