We want to be able to support you through the integration process so that it is as smooth and quick as possible. In order to do that, we request you to follow these instructions exactly. 

1. Always test first with Management App

If you project includes an indoor positioning installation, do the first positioning tests with the Management App that you install from Play Store. That way we can ensure that the application code is implemented correctly, and we can focus on verifying that your indoor positioning and navigation setup is prepared correctly.  The login credentials to the app are the same that you use for logging into the web portal.

2. Build the demo app as is

Once you have verified that your setup works as intended, take the demo app source code that we have shared with you, insert your API token, and try building it as is. Do not make any other changes the first time you build it. 

Your API token can be found by logging in to the web portal, under "Applications". Do use the mobile token in your mobile application. If you click on the key, it will pop up in a new window, where you can copy it.

3. Start integrating to your own app

Now that we have verified that your positioning and navigation setup is correct and that you are able to build the libraries correctly, you can start integrating the functionality into your own app. The demo app source code we have shared with you is free for you to use in your project. You may copy/paste the functionality you want to use into your own app or start customizing the demo app code to fit your project's style.

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