Editing the style

The map colouring and other styling is cased on styling determined through JSON per organization. This file can be retrieved from the Proximi.io backend, edited with preferred tools and posted back into the API endpoint.

Retrieving style

Refer to the Proximi.io REST API documentation: https://proximi.io/docs/rest-api/#styles . Postman is a good tool for REST API requests, if you don't already have something you prefer using.

You should make a GET request to https://api.proximi.fi/v5/geo/style endpoint. Note the singular "style". This will give you the default style for the project.

Copy the result and paste into your preferred code editor. In the lack of a better one, even Notebook works. It is advisable to save the file as is, so you can always return back to the original code, if you make a mistake.

Edit the styling and layers as preferred. The styling follows the Mapbox formatting and has similar limitations: https://docs.mapbox.com/mapbox-gl-js/style-spec/layers/ .  Colour codes can be given in hex, RGBA or HSL.

Important! Each style layer must have a unique name. If you add two layers with the same name, the map is no longer visualized.

Updating style

It is recommended to make maximum a few changes at a time and push frequent updates.

Once you are happy with your changes, make a POST request to https://api.proximi.fi/v5/geo/styles endpoint. Note the plural "styles". Do not make any PUT requests into this endpoint.

Check back on your changes on the wayfinding editor on Proximi.io portal. If the map is not appearing at all, it means that you made a mistake with the formatting. If you are not able to see and fix your mistake straight away, return back to the latest working style.

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