Outdoor navigation

Outdoor navigation can consist of two different options: navigation outdoors in campus  areas, and navigation outdoors on public streets.

Navigation outdoors on campus areas

Adding navigation on private outdoor areas is very straightforward. Similarly as you have added corridors and other walkways indoors, you can go ahead and add pathways and polygons outdoors.  It is a good rule of thumb to add the pathways in this method to all areas that are in your control, and where you want to be able to guide visitors with more details than the general maps have. Typically this would reach to the main gates of your campus, amusement park or other area. If you want to, you can also add in larger areas surrounding your venue, to cover for example any parking areas that are typically used by your visitors.

Navigation on public streets 

In some use cases, you might also be interested in utilizing outdoor navigation on public streets. This is possible through another API endpoint. The solution utilizes OpenStreetMap street database through our own server. We have currently added the outdoor streets for Finland. Contact us, if this would be required for your project. Separate charges may apply.

It is recommended to use the "outdoor connector" POI to link your indoor navigation routes with the external navigation routes.

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