Working with existing installations

Working with existing installations

Sometimes the venue you are working with, already has an existing beacon installation. It is technically possible to utilize any existing installations with platform. However, you should ensure that the beacons are still operational and correctly configured:

What beacons?

Start by figuring out which manufacturer and what beacon models are in use. Even though platform works with any manufacturer's beacons, the platform has been extensively tested and optimized to work with 4 of the largest manufacturers:, Estimote, Sensoro, Gimbal. If your beacons are not one of those, team needs to test and verify the beacons. 

If you want to have another beacon model verified, you need to send 3 pcs of those beacons to office for technical tests. The beacons will be returned to you at the end of the process. You must also send any other equipment required for the configuration and usage of the hardware, such as any wiring and power sources and controller required. The testing will be done within 14 days of the arrival of the beacons. We charge 2 days of testing work for the process. Contact support team for details on shipping details.

Are the beacons protected?

Typically beacon installations are not protected. In some instances, the beacons may be using a protection layer, such as the Eddystone EID. In such case, the beacons must be reconfigure before usage with the platform will be possible.

Where exactly are the beacons located?

Try to find a floor plan that has all the beacon installation locations marked. Are the beacons covering the entire area that you want to cover with positioning? Pay especially attention to staircases, elevators, escalators, entrances and crossroads of paths. Those are locations, where you want to ensure a good coverage of beacon installation. For smooth navigation experience in elevators, one beacons should be installed in each elevator. 

There should be also an Excel sheet available with the unique identifiers of each beacon for easy importing to the system. If the beacons happen to be beacons, they can also be directly imported through the API.

What is the beacon's battery status?

the battery life of beacons ins constantly improving. Whereas you can nowadays get up to 5 years lifespan for beacon batteries, older models might only have lasted for 2 years. Especially beacons installed outdoors or entryways, where they are susceptible for temperature fluctuation, are prone to shorter lifetime. When was the beacon fleet installed? Is there any information about its performance?

What configurations do the beacons have? platform supports both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols, which are the two main protocols used by most or all beacon manufacturers. In installations that require very accurate positioning, the settings used are very specific. The transmission power should be between -12 dBm and -16 dBm. Transmission interval should be around 200-350 ms. Specific settings will be given to you by technicians.

If the configurations are not correct by default, can those be changed? What software is used for configuring the beacons and who has the required credentials for logging in to the account?

If all these questions can be answered and fixed, leveraging the beacon fleet for indoor positioning through platform will not be a problem. If additional beacons are needed to supplement the existing fleet, it is possible to utilize one of the recommended beacons models.

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